Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slippery Scott the Big Spender

Back in November I pointed out a few examples of Slippery Scott Walker selling snake oil to his followers. Whether it is proposing a tax levy in 2010 that is $39 million more than the one he proposed in 2003, or his flip flopping on the stimulus or his massive spending increases, the point remains very clear - Walker rhetoric does not match the reality of his actions. Yesterday, One Wisconsin Now released an analysis that further underscores this exact point.

The One Wisconsin Now analysis looked at spending increases in the proposed budgets of Governor Doyle, Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Even with all of his right wing rhetoric against government and spending, over his time as Milwaukee County executive, Walker came in first with a proposed 34.66% in increased spending. It is important to note that these are Walker's numbers taken from his own proposed budgets, so he can't pass them off on anyone else. If Walker is really against increased government spending, then perhaps he should resign today, because he is the leader in that department.

I don't personally think that increased spending is inherently a bad thing, but then again I am not the one running for office promoting an anti-government spending platform and then doing the exact opposite. That would be Scott Walker. The real right wingers that genuinely care about such issues should hold him accountable for his slippery rhetoric. Unfortunately, it seems that too many are already too emotionally involved to back out now - even if that means trading in their fervent beliefs about increased government spending. The sad truth is that they have jumped on a bandwagon controlled by a slippery big spender.

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Democurmudgeon said...

Thanks for the heads up on the issue. It's good to see the liberal/Democratic/progressive network up and running.

Now if we just had a local media outlet talking about local issues.