Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Stay in School Speech vs. A Real Indoctrination

Is this really what had people on the right worked up into such a frenzy? Is this really what caused some school districts to ban the President from their kids?

Not even a hint of politics or partisanship, much less "indoctrination". If people on the right really wanted to see a political indoctrination they should check out this video of Ronald Reagan speaking to students in 1988. I wonder what kind of uproar there was on the right before/after this speech to "the children"?

ht: Daily Kos


Aaron Rodriguez said...

Dishonest at best. You're assuming that Obama didn't modify his speech after the conservative push-back.

Cory Liebmann said...

what's dishonest? he didn't go political but reagan did...I guess some people wont believe their own eyes after they have invested so much in a wacky conspiracy theory.

that is rich...and now he suddenly changed speeches? what is that based on exactly? nevermind, it doesn't even matter.

Michael J. Mathias said...

Aaron, I know this might be hard to believe, but Obama probably doesn't care what the conservatives think since they'll always find something to bitch about. He gave the speech he planned and you guys wasted a week gas-bagging while he and he his team prepared to win back the healthcare debate.

Dave Reid said...

Yes, stay in school and work hard ohhh very scary. This whole debate was such a sad statement about the state of our country.

Aaron Rodriguez said...


I didn't say that Obama changed his speech. I said that you assumed he didn't by declaring a conservative over-reaction. You cannot state that with certainty since Obama had plenty of time to alter parts of his speech. He could have released his speech earlier than Monday.

Aaron Rodriguez said...


If Obama didn't care about what Conservatives think, then why hasn't he followed through on any of his campaign promises? Why hasn't H.R.3200 swiftly gone through Congress? Why is Cap and Trade stuck in the Senate? Why haven't Gitmo detainees been transferred to other prisons? Why did Mr. 911 truther resign?

You can't say that Obama isn't mindful about what conservatives think. Here you a filibuster proof majority in congress, and democrats cannot get anything done.