Monday, February 01, 2010

GAB Joins the Walker Reality Check Chorus

Many people, entities and organizations have been providing solid reality checks to Scott Walker's shallow rhetoric. Capper is the first one that comes to mind, as he has exposed Scott Walker on nearly every issue - repeatedly. One Wisconsin Now recently compared Walker's rhetoric on jobs and economic development to his pitiful record in both areas. That was only one of the latest reality checks that OWN has given to Walker. Even here at Eye on Wisconsin, we have repeatedly compared Walker's right-wing rhetoric on things like taxes, fees, and government spending, to his actual record in Milwaukee County. There are many other examples, but today a new entity has delivered yet another reality check to the Walker campaign.

Last Friday Scott Walker's campaign bragged that it had so many donations that the Government Accountability Board's (GAB) online system couldn't process them all, causing it to crash. As with most of Walker's campaign rhetoric, this claim proved to be just as phony as his positions on the issues. Today GAB joined the reality check chorus correcting the record. GAB stated the following in a press release today:

"The Campaign Finance Information System did not crash. It was up and running throughout the weekend. No filers were prevented from downloading information, and the system remained available throughout the filing period."

Compare that statement to that of Walker's mouth Keith Gilkes when he claimed that "we brought the system to a grinding halt with the sheer volume of our donations." Again, for the umpteenth time, Walker campaign – please allow me (and GAB) to introduce you to reality.

Even with this latest example, of comparing Walker's phony rhetoric to reality, there are many other areas to still expose. Hopefully the traditional media will stop repeating Walker talking points long enough to start actually questioning them. I would officially like to invite them to join the growing reality check chorus on Walker's phony rhetoric.

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