Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wrong Way Walker

Earlier in the week Scott Walker again showed that he will say just about anything to advance his political career. He basically promised to completely eliminate all unemployment in Wisconsin. Only days after making such a grandiose statement, how odd is it that he has actually moved us further in the opposite direction? The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Walker has laid off 76 working families. This is only the latest news in Walker's practice of sending people to the unemployment line. Given all of these facts and recent developments, maybe the Walker tally on jobs should start with a negative number.

Wrong Way Walker's actions this week remind me of this classic blooper in NFL history:


Unknown said...

Oh but he is! He is creating new jobs! 250,000 to be exact. Right around tax return time.

The Liberty Tax Service mascots!

Anonymous said...

Cory, I just think you are wrong on Walker not being about to create 250,000 jobs. He can do it! As governor, Walker will lay off all state, county and local government workers and provide tax incentives to private businesses to lay off employees as well. Then everyone will be re-hired through Manpower.

capper said...

Excuse me for the self-promotion, but Walker's job line is the gaffe that keeps on giving.