Thursday, February 04, 2010

A New "Don't Ask Don't Tell" for the Senate?

The best part of this bit starts at 3:55 when Jon Stewart and John Oliver talk about the idea of banning "old people" from serving in the Senate.

"Its not about the old person as an individual, its about the people that have to work beside him. It affects Senate cohesion".

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1 comment:

Jim said...

You see Stewart on Bill-O? Good stuff. Bill called Daily Show viewers "stoned slackers who love Obama." Video is in two parts, the second is Stewart going after Fox News. More coming tomorrow apparently. Throughout these two parts, Stewart did very little resorting to "I'm a comedian, I don't count" which I have criticized him for in the past. Of course I want him to be funny, he is funny and I enjoy the show. When legitimate political figures appear on The Daily Show, Stewart asks tough, legitimate questions. However I have seen him duck tough questions with the "I'm a comedian" angle. Good to see he didn't do that.