Thursday, February 25, 2010

T-Wall Just Can't Catch a Break (other than the tax kind)

Since Terrence Wall announced his candidacy for the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, his campaign has been nothing short of a long drawn out train wreck. Just consider some of the following that has happened in a very short period of time:

I'm sure that I may have missed a few items, but that is still quite a list of self-inflicted drama for such a small number of months. Now comes the news that although one of Wall's businesses have between $25-50 million in assets, it paid $0 in state income tax from 1999-2008.

While all of these things are endlessly stacking up against Wall, the least he could do is try to not hurt his own cause with key elements of the right-wing base. Nope, Wall showed just how tone-deaf he is with even his own political party. When recently appearing on fundamentalist Christian media network WVCY, he made a vague reference to the earth being billions of years old. Since much of the demographic that listens/watches WVCY are creationists, it didn't take very long for them to challenge him about the earth not really being billions of years old. Not only did they challenge him on it but it seems that they then questioned him entirely because of what he thought was just a throw away comment. Yeah, like I said, tone-deaf. He may as well have touted Tommy's micro-chip implanting technology on the show.

Even Terrence Wall can't give Terrence Wall a break (other than the tax kind).

1 comment: said...

I sometimes wonder if his negatives didn't peak too early to be of any help to Feingold.

Millions of dollars thrown into an ad campaign can make even people who are pretty ripe smell pretty.

If all of his negatives come out early, it would normally be a very bad thing because fundraising would be for the dogs but in Wall's case he doesn't really need to fundraise as he can just finance his own campaign.