Friday, February 17, 2006

Budget Cut Suggestion for Mark Green

Since Congressman Mark Green enjoys cutting programs like student loans, Medicaid, Medicare, and others, I have a suggestion for the next round of cuts. How about cutting the recently reported $1.6 BILLION that the Bush Administration has spent on propaganda? This from Adweek:

The Bush administration spent $1.4 billion in taxpayer dollars on 137 contracts with advertising agencies over the past two-and-a-half years, according to a Government Accountability Office report released by House Democrats Monday.

The story goes on to report that Bush spent $1.1 BILLION just to spin us on his war with Sadaam. If you are so sure that your taking us to war with a country that had nothing to do with 911 then why the need for the propaganda? I can thing of 100 different places to spend that money which would actually make the everyday lives of Americans much more tolerable. No, Mark Green and the rest of the neo-cons would rather spend BILLIONS propagandizing our own people.

This is not that surprising since this is the same administration that paid conservative commentator Armstrong Williams $250,000 to whore himself for the “no-child left behind” fiasco. As most of us know, this was not an isolated case. The insecure Bush Administration has bought more media whores (no I’m not referring to Jeff Gannon/Guckert) with our hard earned tax dollars.

In a recent editorial, the National Catholic Reporter proclaims that a budget is not just a financial issue but a moral one as well. In the piece, they refer to a proposed Bush cut in childcare for low and moderate income families of $1 BILLION dollars.

How strange are the priorities when we will spend $1.1 BILLION on propagandizing our own citizens into a unnecessary war, but cut nearly the same amount from caring for the most vulnerable?

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