Thursday, February 23, 2006

Green Aides Mentioned in Jenson Trial, Green Not Taking Calls

Yesterday Eric Grant testified for the prosecution in the Scott Jenson (R-Town of Brookfield) trial. Mr. Grant was a graphic designer for the Republican Assembly from 1995 to 2000. According to a report today, he testified that “virtually 100%” of his work during the 1998 election cycle was on campaign materials. At the time of this work Scott Jenson was the Speaker and ran that house.

Although Congressman Mark Green pretends that he suffers amnesia, one of his senior aids in 1998 was mentioned in yesterday’s testimony. Eric Grant spoke about a specific form that was used at the time on which candidates, aides, and campaign managers had to list their requests of the designer along with deadlines and the name of a contact person. This from today’s story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Grant identified as campaign materials a list that included this notation: "Graul - 7/10 - Green stuff." That was a reference to Mark Graul, Green's campaign manager and a Green aide in the Legislature.

Green campaign spokesman Vernon said Graul was not available for comment Wednesday night.

Graul was Green’s aide when in the legislature, Chief of staff while in Congress, and now his campaign manager in his run for governor. Now we find out that Graul’s name shows up on the graphic designer’s records, yet Green knows nothing. According to this same Journal Sentinel story, Wednesday was “the second day in a row that Green did not take calls about the matter.” The silence is deafening.

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