Friday, February 10, 2006

The Tale of Two Agendas

Try to forget all of the neo-con talk and Republican spinning. Who is dealing with the issues that matter most in your everyday life? Really take a look at some of the issues side by side.

Governor Doyle: Wants to hold a special session to expand heating assistance to more Wisconsinites that are struggling with their bills.

GOP Controlled Legislature: They can’t bring themselves to call for the special session.

Governor Doyle: Announces $3 million in tax credits for Quad Graphics, creating 750 new jobs. Announces $3.5 million in incentives for Bucyrus Erie creating 150 jobs and keeping the company in South Milwaukee.

GOP Controlled Legislature: Force a Constitutional Amendment discriminating against gay and lesbian families in Wisconsin.

Governor Doyle: The Medicare Prescription Drug benefit almost eliminated Wisconsin’s often superior SeniorCare. When the same Medicare program left many poor elderly Wisconsinites without much needed medication. Doyle made sure that the state covered them until the Feds were able to fix the glitches.

Republican Mark Green: Voted for the Medicare prescription drug program that cause all of these problems for Wisconsin Seniors.

Governor Doyle: He wants to create a new refundable income tax credit for full-time working families so they aren't forced to live below the poverty line.

GOP Controlled Legislature: Crafts and re-crafts legislation encouraging every man women and child to carry a concealed weapon.

Governor Doyle: He wants to guarantee a full financial aid package for tuition and fees at a University of Wisconsin school for students who maintain a B average in high school.

Republican Mark Green: Votes for a budget that drastically cuts student aid while giving more tax cuts to the rich.

These are only a few examples of how Doyle’s agenda has a positive impact on the everyday lives of working Wisconsinites. The GOP agenda is all spin on wedge political issues with no substance. When they do act on substantive issues it seems to always benefit corporations and the extremely rich. Before you vote for another Republican in Wisconsin, ask “what have they done for ME lately?” If you are an average working Wisconsinite, the answer is ZERO.

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