Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Double Trouble for Green in Journal Sentinel

If Congressman Mark Green is trying to make a play in Milwaukee in the race for governor, he can’t be happy about today’s Journal Sentinel. Granted they are not front-page headlines, but there are two separate references to him that are less than flattering.

Regarding legislative aides campaigning on state time in the 1990’s:
Green, who couldn't be reached Friday, said this week that he, too, did not know what campaign work staffers for the Assembly Republican Caucus were doing.

"I just didn't have that sort of involvement," Green said.

Green, of Green Bay, was in a leadership post at the time, serving as caucus chairman for the Assembly Republicans.

Then at the end of the Spivak and Bice column today, they include the following:
What motivated U.S. Rep Mark Green to cast his vote last week for Ohio Rep. John Boehner - love or money?

Green, a Republican candidate for governor, backed Boehner over two other candidates for majority leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. On the second ballot, Boehner narrowly defeated Missouri Rep. Roy Blunt, who had been the front-runner and former Majority Leader Tom DeLay's choice.

In interviews, Green said he went with Boehner on both secret ballots because he wanted a change at the top.

What the Green Bay Republican didn't say was that he has been the recipient of more than $35,000 in campaign donations since 1998 from the Freedom Project, a political action fund led by Boehner. Green's most recent contribution from the group was $5,000 in September 2003.

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