Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pardon Me Paul Ryan, Could You Spare $25,000?

Does anyone remember all of the excuses that Congressman Paul Ryan gave for not giving back the tainted money that Tom Delay gave him. Well, since his arguments kept changing and many of them were found to be completely inaccurate, I thought that perhaps he just REALLY REALLY needed the money. Over the weekend I found out that my assumption was wrong. It was actually reported that he has more money in the bank than any other candidate (that is not running for statewide office). He has over a cool $1.5 million! Wow, you don’t sound like a charity case Paul. That amount actually rivals Senator Herb Kohl ($1.7 million) and he has to cover the entire state. Over $329,000 of Ryan’s money came from Political Action Committees according to the weekend source.

Since today seems to be “Write a Letter to an Elected Official Day” on my blog, I’d like to direct a few questions to Paul. Your closest opponent in terms of cash only has just over $1,000. You are running in one Congressional District where many say that you are a slam dunk to win (for the life of me I can’t figure out why). So honestly, why do you need that kind of cash? Planning on making a move upward sometime soon? Feeling insecure because of your voting against the best interests of most in your district? If your answer is no to all of these, then I suggest you do the noble thing and get rid of the tainted Delay cash. It’s not that Delay is already guilty, that is not the point. It is the very APPEARANCE of the matter. Come on, you could even do a good deed with the money (like donating to the keep Cory out of Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Fund).

Well, I have given it my best effort. I can only say that if you still refuse to get rid of the tainted Delay money, then I really doubt what kind of representative you are. I think that you should expect your constituents to do the same.

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