Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Green Bay Smackdown of John Gard

Last week we learned that Assembly Speaker John Gard was more interested in D.C. fundraising than in keeping Wisconsinites warm. It looks like others in the 8th Congressional District were less than thrilled with Gard’s time in D.C. This from the Green Bay Press Gazette:

So why are two candidates for the 8th District seat traveling to fundraisers in Washington, D.C., almost 700 miles away? It's certainly not because district voters are there. Or because people on the East Coast give a hoot about what goes on in Northeastern Wisconsin.

No, the stakes in this year's 8th District race have nothing to do with electing the best candidate to represent district residents. It's all about national politics and which political party will be in power when the November election is over.

That's why Republican hopeful John Gard, speaker of the state Assembly, was able to raise cash for his Wisconsin congressional campaign at a $1,000-a-plate Washington dinner. The high-end feed on Tuesday was at the Finemondo restaurant on F Street NW — within walking distance of the powerful K Street lobbyists and business trade associations that dump millions of dollars into federal elections to gain access to members of Congress. Some obviously think Gard has potential.

In fact, Vice President Dick Cheney will be in the Green Bay area in March to raise cash for Gard. It would be silly to believe Cheney cares about Northeastern Wisconsin. What he does care about is the Republicans holding onto the seat that Mark Green is vacating to run for governor.

In the piece Gard is quoted as saying that the 8th Congressional District race is the “centerpiece campaign in the nation.” Gard also says that “We call this Ground Zero in the battle for the house.” To which the Green Bay Press Gazette responds:

No, John, first and foremost this is an election to choose the most qualified person to represent more than 670,000 Wisconsin residents in the United States House of Representatives.

You mean that if he is elected, John Gard should be representing the people of the 8th District? But what about all of those poor and needy party bosses and K Street lobbyists? If Gard is elected, it looks like we can look forward to more of the same from that seat.


John Q Cheesehead said...

This came from John Gards bewsletter.

One of my opponents, extreme liberal candidate Dr. Steve Kagen will begin running expensive 60-second TV ads starting next week!

This comes a full 168 days before the Primary Election!

This is the earliest ever on record for a Wisconsin Congressional candidate to be buying TV ads. Dr. Kagen wants to buy the 8th District seat with an onslaught of ads that shows the Howard Dean faction of the Democratic party will do whatever it takes to win this seat. The control of the U.S. House of Representatives is at stake, right here in Wisconsin. A Dr. Kagen victory would help the Democrats win the House back.

Gard is a two faced snake. He has no problem accepting bribes (I'm sorry campaign contrabutions) from people outside his district, but when someone else has the money to run ads he crys like a little baby.

This is the same John Gard who talks about ethics yet allowed, now convicted fellon, Scott Jenson to sit on the joint finance committee. This is the John Gard who who claims to be for financial responsibility yet was Jenson's puppet on the joint finance overseeing the passage of budgets with huge structural deficits while helping Chuck Chuvla delay passage till they had shook down everyone recieving corporate welfare from the honest taxpayers in this state. This is the John Gard who swore TABOR would pass the assembly yet he never brought it up for a vote; then teams up with Grothman to wright a version he approves, an amendment longer than the entire the US Constitution and so confusing enough that no one understands it That is the only legislation John Gard likes things where no one knows what he actually voted for.
Why, because John Gard is afraid to ever say what he really believes. John 'Gard is apolitical whimp who knows he could not raise the funds needed to finance his campaign if he had to rely on the people of his district. John Gard also knows he can't win unless he outspends his opponent.

The quote that best sums up who John Gard is is "I never he was two faced untill the first time I saw him without his head stuck up Jensen's ass."

Michael Fermanich said...

Wow this could get into quite a "Elete Capitalist" war of money. Hmmm but one is a Doctor for humanity and the other is a wanna be Doctor of Capitalism via good buddies for Globilization at expense of all citizens. Guess Who? Clue; In Washington D.C. more than in Wisconsin or is it Hallerburton of Texas.