Thursday, February 02, 2006

Who Really Speaks for YOU in Congress?

Forget all party affiliations and loyalties and just answer these questions:

Do you have kids in college?
Do they have student loans?
Would it help you or them if the interest rates go up?
Do you believe that our country is a “Christian nation”?
Do you believe in the Christian value of aiding the poor, sick, and fatherless?
Do you think the burden of reducing our national debt is a responsibility for all citizens?

All recent polls show that this Republican led Congress has very low ratings in the eyes of the public. If questions like the ones above were answered honestly, those ratings would be even lower.

Yesterday the House of Representatives passed a measure to cut more programs that help regular Americans. Under this measure, college students would pay more in interest rates, poor people and seniors would have to come up with more to pay for medical bills, and getting deadbeat parents to pay for their kids is no longer a priority. All of this in the name of debt reduction, while at the same time advocating more irresponsible tax cuts that vastly favor the super rich.

If the real goal was to reduce debt, then why not make everyone pay their fair share? Why do they require those who are struggling the most to also carry most of the burden? What burden have the super wealthy paid under this Republican led Congress?

How long will the masses keep voting against their own best economic interests? Here is a case in point. Some cotton farmers will take a big hit in this proposal. Most cotton farmers are in red states that reflexively vote Republican. Why would you do that when you now see what they have done to you? They have made your life more difficult while they hand out cash to the richest of the rich.

Wisconsin Republicans in Congress once again voted in lockstep obedience to their political and corporate bosses. In the mean time they will come back to Wisconsin and ask the “peasants” for their votes. The longer that this scam goes unnoticed, the further the average person will fall into a big black neo-con dug hole. When you hit the bottom just remember to thank Green, Ryan, Sensenbrenner, and Petri.

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