Monday, August 10, 2009

Health Care is Being "Rationed" Right Now!

With all of the misinformation and downright nuttiness that is being passed around about health care reform, the White House has introduced a Reality Check website. It is meant to dispel some of the wild myths being promoted by the right wing and their industry puppet masters. The new site is not targeted at the rabid right wing, which is clearly not interested in reality or in real problem solving. It is directed at the silent majority of Americans that know that the status quo is a disaster and something has to be done to change it.

One of the golden oldies of right wing obstruction is treated to a well deserved reality check on the new White House site. Whenever we talk about real health care reform we always hear the chant about "rationed" care. Reality check: We have "rationed" care right now! It comes at the hands of the private health insurance industry that is so beloved by the right wing (and as the above linked story states, sometimes with fatal results).

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