Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Has Walker Finally Earned the Mob’s Approval?

I just posted the new web ad on the angry right wing mob and then I came across a blog posting from what appears to be a card carrying member of it. The blog posting is promoting a new image of the President as a Heath Ledger-style joker and with their favorite word, "socialism" below it.

Then the angry white guy takes us down memory lane recounting his interaction with "up and comer" Scott Walker back in 2000. Apparently the angry white guy spoke with Walker while doing campaign work for the disaster from TX/CT (I haven't seen his birth certificate) George W. Bush. He talks about how he expressed to Walker that the GOP should call Al Gore a "socialist" and how Walker thought that such rhetoric might be considered "over the top". Although this angry white guy was not happy with Walker's comment at the time, he appears to be warming to him as he is promoting Walker's campaign site on his blog. This little shout out for Walker made me wonder if he has finally earned the approval of this kind of angry right wing tea bagging mob?

At least in fundraising appeals, Walker has thrown out plenty of the red meat to them. Who can forget the fundraising letter that he sent out after Republicans were tossed out of office in November? He went as far as comparing the Governor of Wisconsin to Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and then threw around the words "thugs" and "mercenaries" for good measure. The Scott Walker from 2000 may consider such rhetoric "over the top" but the current one, that constantly yearns for higher office, will clearly say and do whatever it takes no matter how shameful.

I wonder just how "over the top" the current Scott Walker is willing to get with his rhetoric and will the angry right wing mob reward him for it? Some would make a solid case that he has already locked up the angry right wing mob vote and that it has become his base. The problem for Walker is that this wild eyed crowd makes up a small minority of Wisconsinites and as he continues to cave to mob rule, he will end up isolating himself on the furthest of extremes (see Stimulus).


Anonymous said...

I left Milwaukee 15 years ago, but I will always remember the Scott Walker in my elementery and junior schools. Stand up straight shooter from that age on. No party politics here, he has large appeal outside of Madison as this city can not see beyond the beltline.

Cory Liebmann said...

i can't say what he was like in elementery school but i know he is the furthest thing from being a "straight shooter" now. he is often on multiple sides of an issue (see stimulus et al). he has been downright abusive to the interests of milwaukee county. for him political advancement has been priority number one.