Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gentlemen, Go to Your Corner!

Now that Governor Doyle has officially decided not to run for governor, it is time for Scott Walker to start letting us know where he stands (specifically) on policy issues. Thus far he has done little more than take pot shots at Governor Doyle without really giving any substance for what he would do if elected. His opponent in the Republican primary, Mark Neumann, has said even less in terms of actual policy. Once again our friends at Heartland Hollar were right on target when they declared, "Let the Answers Begin!"

Absent any real policy statements by Scott Walker, we have had to rely on his tweeting of policy. The obvious problem with merely tweeting policy is that 140 characters doesn't really provide a whole lot of information. So Walker should be forced to answer the questions drawn from his tweets. If he really wants to "phase out tax on retirement income" exactly how does he plan to pay for it and how quick of a "phase out" will it be? Does Walker really feel that voters should approve all new taxes or was that a mistaken late night twit? If he really stands by that policy position (which would be the latest version of the oft-rejected TABOR) then he should have to state his case, get specific and defend it. He can't hide behind his instinctive bashing of Governor Doyle forever, he should have to answer these specific questions and fully explain his positions. Likewise, Mark Neumann needs to start pretending like he really is a candidate and start stating his specific positions as well.

Health Care reform is a major debate right now both in the state and on a national level. What are Scott Walker and Mark Neumann's policy positions in that area? Walker in particular has had great fun bashing Governor Doyle, but on Doyle's watch Wisconsin has the second highest percentage of people covered with health insurance in the country. That is an amazing accomplishment and we didn't always rank that high! Both Walker and Neumann should answer exactly how they plan on making us number one. Do they even think that we should be number one or will Wisconsin move down that list if either of them gets elected?

We know that Scott Walker hates the idea of the federal stimulus money. He has tried to be on every side of that issue but his real position is very clear. We have suggested that as he tours the state that he should be honest with people and explain why their communities don't really need the stimulus money. We already know where he stands on that issue, but where does Neumann stand on stimulus? Does he share the extreme views of his primary opponent or does he think that Fond du Lac should get to keep the return on their federal tax investment?

Gentlemen, I hate to break it to you but Governor Doyle is quite literally not your opponent anymore. You are facing each other in a Republican primary not him. Now please go to your corners and start stating your real positions on actual policy! Given your extreme views, I fully expect both of you to promptly paint yourselves into the same one on the far right. Maybe that is why you are avoiding a real policy discussion in the first place.


James Wigderson said...

How long will Democrats campaign against George Bush?

Cory Liebmann said...

As long as we are still dealing with the aftermath of Bush's failed policies then its ok to state that fact...but we can't just do that alone...we should also have our own real policy solutions to address those issues.

that is where i think these gop gov candidates have been lacking so far...in the substance, solutions and specific plans areas. what are their specific plans and how do they differ from eachother? I'd like to know sooner rather than later. simply bashing Gov. Doyle isn't going to cut it anymore.

Jenifer said...

I obviously don't find that to be a meaningful difference but apparently you do.

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