Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sudden Love Fest Over “Death Panels”

Remember all of the yelling and screaming at health care forums when Democrats were holding them? Remember how people were holding signs and asking why we wanted to "pull the plug on grandma"? Well, there was none of that at the Paul Ryan health care forum even though he actually voted for the same kind of funding that is behind the "death panel" hysteria.

As we have previously mentioned, Paul Ryan voted for the gigantic Medicare prescription drug bill (wait… isn't that a giant government run program? What...is he a "socialist"?). Within that bill was funding for optional end of life counseling, with almost the same exact language of the current legislation that is being attacked by the right wing today. So why the sudden love fest at the Ryan health care forum when he clearly has supported the expanding of "socialist" govmint run programs and "death panels"? I hate to suggest such a thing, but could this actually mean that recent mob madness was nothing but naked and angry partisanship?

In their obligatory puff piece about Paul Ryan, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel dutifully tells us about the blessed event. It slaps the story and an accompanying picture right on the front of the metro section. If they were going to make this front page news, why didn't they force a few very obvious and tough questions about Ryan's various health care positions? They mention that Ryan wants to kill health care reform (I wonder why) and they even mention the total knock-off that he calls a health care plan. What they didn't do is actually press him on his various claims and conflicts on the matter.

If they were really interested in reporting perhaps the MJS could have bothered to approach Ryan with some of the points raised by our friends at Heartland Hollar today.

  • Ryan's plan is just a warmed over version of the same McCain plan that Americans soundly rejected in November.
  • Ryan's plan would tax employer health benefits.

  • It would weaken consumer protections and sharply increase costs for many low-income elderly individuals.

Heartland Hollar didn't just think up these criticisms of the Ryan (old McCain) plan, they actually relied on sound independent analysis of it. Good thing that they could find it somewhere, because the only thing in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today was another full on love fest.


Anonymous said...

if you look at the headline at the inside page of the metro section where the story is continued, it's revealed as to who is behind those disruptions at town hall meetings - quentin tarantino!

Cory Liebmann said...

i knew he had something to do with it!