Friday, August 21, 2009

Walker Talking Points for Eau Claire Radio

If Scott Walker's early morning tweet was accurate, he should be on Eau Claire radio station WAYY soon. Given his most recent comments, we wanted to be helpful and offer him a list of suggested talking points. We believe that they might be the most accurate way to relay his real positions to the listening public in Eau Claire.

  • Western Dairyland should give back nearly $400,000 of federal stimulus money. It is slated to help people with a job referral program, a fresh start program, foreclosure intervention counseling, job training/placement and case management. It is clear that these will not help "real people" because "real people" don't have these kinds of problems and if they did, they wouldn't want help. So Eau Claire should send back the money!
  • The people whose jobs were saved at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center because of the federal stimulus are not "real people" ("real people" don't work in the "arts") and they should be dismissed and the money given back!
  • Eau Claire should give back their share of the federal stimulus money that is paying for the education needs of homeless kids, because they are not "real people" (heck, those little brats don't even pay taxes!).
  • Eau Claire should halt their efforts at securing $1.8 million of stimulus money for new buses because we all know that "real people" drive SUV's. Additionally those new buses might be driven by public employees and we know that they are not "real people".
  • Most importantly Eau Claire County should give back the nearly $11 million that it has received in federal stimulus money. We all know that county governments don't do anything to actually help "real people".

UPDATE: Heartland Hollar includes the $25 million in tax cuts that has gone to people in Eau Claire as a result of the Recovery Act. I realize that the radio show is over now, but maybe Walker should have advocated repealing those tax cuts if he has such a problem with the federal stimulus. Apparently these are not "real people" anyway.

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