Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pep Rally for Privatized Death Panels?

Yesterday the industry-funded Astroturf group Americans for Prosperity held a pep rally supporting the dysfunctional status quo. From all indications there was a lot more of the same hooting, hollering and conspiracy theories. Naturally the headliner at this gathering of the paranoid continued to pimp the widely debunked idea of government "death panels" and other tall tales. Apparently these people don't mind railing against imaginary monsters while ignoring a hard cold (and privatized) reality that has been killing people for years. That being our monopolized system of health care dominated and abused by the private insurance industry.

Death panels and rationed care? Yep, we've already got that, it is just privatized and profit based. Apparently the right wing doesn't mind it, they only care about the imaginary scenario involving a boogie man government bureaucrat. But the scary reality of insurance company bureaucrats getting in between you, your doctor and your health? Not only is it A-OK but they will even hold pep rallies to support them!

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