Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So Where’s that “Vindication” Kapanke?

After being busted for possibly misusing state resources for his campaign, State Senator Dan Kapanke (R-Denial) compounded the problem by obstructing an open records request. Now he faces all manner of complaints filed not only with the Government Accountability Board (GAB), but also the La Crosse County District Attorney and now a Dane County lawsuit. For weeks Kapanke has been crowing about how he would be "vindicated" at the August 10th GAB meeting. That day has come and gone and no such "vindication" has materialized.

As it turns out GAB took no action regarding the Kapanke complaint and it should also be noted that they are not commenting on the situation. This is important because if the matter was resolved in any way, they could absolutely comment on it. The only situation on which they cannot comment is an open and ongoing investigation.

Given the Kapanke office's statements that he is "always available for comment", someone in the media may want to ask him a few questions right about now. The first one could be: "So where is that 'vindication' that you were so confident about a couple weeks ago?"


Anonymous said...

How can someone be "busted for POSSIBLY misusing state resources"?

Cory Liebmann said...

he was "busted" doing questionable stuff which resulted in the various complaints. now it is up to gab and other authorities to determine the full extent of it all.

obviously i'm trying to be much more generous than kapanke's actions probably deserve.

Anonymous said...

"Jonathan Becker of the Government Accountability Board says, in hindsight, Kapanke should have used state or personal money for the event since it did not involve a political purpose.

But he said the board will not take action against the La Crosse Republican because, given the situation, he handled arrangements for the forum appropriately."

Looks like the Dem smear merchants lose again.

Cory Liebmann said...

hold your horses...this GAB letter only addresses Kapanke's inquiry with doesn't address the other pending complaint. You might want to wait before you start claiming early "vindication" once again.

Not to mention the lawsuit that was fi led in Dane County and the complaint filed with the La Crosse DA. Kapanke's issues are going to stay in the news for a while regardless of todays letter.