Friday, March 26, 2010

Chuck Todd Out Reporting Wisconsin Media Via Twitter

It happens every election cycle, so we should really be use to it by now. Tommy Thompson ever so slightly flirts with the Wisconsin media and they dutifully respond by running front page stories about it. This little game apparently goes beyond just Thompson flirting directly, because the Wisconsin media also treats polls conducted by Thompson cronies as legitimate news. The Thompson-obsessed Wisconsin media has defaulted to substance-free reporting on anything Tommy related.

I couldn't help but notice NBC News correspondent Chuck Todd out reporting the Wisconsin media and doing so by way of a simple Tweet.

Will Tommy Thompson, if he even runs, be the SEN candidate who has hardest time
running against #hcr?

Chuck Todd's link points to a difficult issue that Thompson will have to face on health care reform, if he actually decides to run for anything. Although Republicans and their extreme base are attacking health care reform largely based on the individual mandate, many of them "forget" that this was also a big Republican idea. In fact a Miami paper actually cites Tommy Thompson, when he was working for George W. Bush, as promoting the idea himself. I wonder if Tommy's support of individual mandates would play well with the tea party types?

Thank goodness we have Chuck Todd's 140 character reporting to rely on! How else are we supposed to find out about these kinds of important and deeply relevant issues? Obviously, when it comes to Tommy Thompson, the Wisconsin media is leaving the heavy reporting to Chuck Todd and his Twitter account.

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