Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Has Klauser Lost His Influence with Tommy?

Since May 2009 I have periodically asked if GOP big-wig Jim Klauser was losing his influence in the Republican Party. It started when he (recruited?) got behind Mark Neumann and went on a media blitz that stepped on Scott Walker's official announcement. He was met with a stiff dose of reality and must have realized that this was no longer the Republican Party of old. Essentially the far right wing "patients" had taken over the Republican "asylum". It took a while but once he fully realized this fact he switched sides in the Republican primary for governor. Since then he has taken on a key role for the train wreck that is the Terrence Wall candidacy. Assuming that Klauser wont bail on yet another candidate, I can't help wondering if he is trying to keep his old friend Tommy out of the race while so many others are trying to get him in it.

Jim Klauser served in all sorts of roles for Tommy Thompson. He has been described as a close friend, key campaign advisor, and Secretary of Thompson's Department of Administration. Some actually referred to Klauser as a "shadow" or "second" governor while he was serving Tommy. So with all of this long history, what are the odds that Jim Klauser can fight back the sea of D.C. special interests (aka "all the right people") that are trying to convince Tommy to run? If he is unable to keep Tommy out of the Republican primary, does that mean that he has even lost influence with Tommy Thompson? Who would have thought?

This will certainly be a big test for Klauser, when you consider the special interest cash and influences that have taken over Tommy for the last several years. Let's face it; Tommy hustles for so many big D.C. special interests that he couldn't even remember all of them the other day. I guess the key question here is will Tommy listen to Jim Klauser or to special interests like Verichip? If Tommy eventually sides with the special interests does that mean that Klauser has even lost his influence with Tommy?

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Tommy is not running.