Thursday, March 18, 2010

Levels of Phony: To Infinity and Beyond!

I don't know if this is a deliberate strategy or what, but the level of hypocrisy and phoniness coming out of Scott Walker's campaign seems endless. It is almost too much to keep up with and recent events are taking it to a whole new level. Just consider some of the more recent examples:

The phony brown bag campaign. Not only was it a total knock-off on someone else's 1998 gimmick but it is an attempt to rebrand Walker as frugal, when reality points to the exact opposite. Look at his campaign's big-spending habits, look at the increases in spending in his own proposed budgets, look at him breaking a 2002 promise by giving himself a $50,000 raise in 2008.

It is certainly worth noting that Mark Neumann is the latest Republican to hold a double standard on the federal stimulus, but for anyone associated with the Walker campaign to complain about hypocrisy on this issue is really quite shameless. Walker has been on so many sides of the federal stimulus issue (often at the same time) that he should just stop talking about it all together, much less attacking someone else for inconsistencies. If he is going to talk at all about the stimulus, perhaps he should finally answer the question about what he would have done without it.

You can tell that Walker and friends were on the defensive recently because they moved their phoniness into a dangerously high level. Claiming that you are going to end all unemployment in Wisconsin and then attacking strong efforts at job creation is bad enough. But to attack those efforts because one of your campaign sugar daddies didn't get to benefit from it is pretty disgusting. Then going on to attack a bid system that you yourself helped put in place is really quite remarkable.

Several months ago I warned that Scott Walker is like a slippery salesman that will say and do anything to promote himself, no matter how shameless. Recent events have not only verified this point but they have actually shown us that he is willing to go to uncharted levels of phony to advance his political career.

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