Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Neumann Joins the Bag Scott Walker Campaign

In an email to supporters on Monday, the Mark Neumann campaign brags that they are gaining momentem while Scott Walker is losing it. They base this on poll numbers from the Wisconsin Phony Research Institute (WPRI). That part of the email message wasn't all that interesting to me however. What did catch my attention was the direct shot that they took at Walker over his phony recycled brown bag gimmick. The email included the following comment:

"the Walker campaign's love of expensive fine dining and other meals that don't come in the made-in-Ohio Brown Paper Bag we see on TV."

Zing! It looks like Mark Neumann has officially become a member of the Bag Scott Walker campaign.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the phony brown bag campaign was made in New Hampshire and applied in Ohio. F-ing fraud.

Cory Liebmann said...

this entire thing brings yet another question to my mind...exactly where were all of these walker brown bags actually made? NH, OH,Wisconsin or somewhere else? Maybe Walker doesn't "believe in Wisconsin" enough to buy his brown bags here. I don't know that...but I am wondering about it.

grumps said...

Whom does that sound like?

Anonymous said...

Eventually, voters are going to catch on to Walker's astro-turf style campaign. His brown bag movement isn't a movement, it's simply a gimmick. voters are just not going to buy this awe-geez-shucks mentality we're seeing from walker too. i used to like walker, but not anymore. republicans can do better.