Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I'm so glad that they cleared that up!

Yesterday former Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Capitol bureau chief Steve Walters asked Scott Walker for some specifics. He did it in a Wisopinion piece titled, "Walker promises -- so many questions, so few answers". Not only did Walters press for specifics on Walker's baseless promise to end all unemployment in Wisconsin, but he also asked Walker for specifics on some of his other empty rhetoric. That was yesterday and now today we finally got the "big answers" from the Walker campaign.

Today the Walker campaign put out a press release entitled, "They said it couldn't be done". When I saw this press release, I assumed that this was in response to Walter's questions for specifics. I was actually very interested in reading Walker's (lack) of reasoning behind the grandiose promises that he made at WMC. To my dismay, there was not one single specific detail listed in the press release. Not one piece of data to support any of his pretend promises. The entire press release is just a re-listing of his campaign's empty talking points, gimmicks and slogans. Then it links to a YouTube video that just repeats the same stuff, but never shows us the numbers or data behind the empty rhetoric.

Sorry Steve, it looks like you are not going to get your answers after all. It looks like the Walker campaign is determined to just recycle campaign gimmicks, repeat the same talking points, and ignore all of the real questions.

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