Friday, March 05, 2010

T-Wall should spring for a campaign tutor

Since Terrence Wall is a multi-millionaire, he shouldn't have much of a problem springing for a tutor for his campaign. Blogging Blue shows us exactly why such a tutor is necessary. One of T-Wall's underlings posted a blog citing U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and absurd comments that he made against having an up or down vote on the final version of health care reform legislation. As Blogging Blue has already pointed out, Hatch himself has repeatedly voted for bills that were passed through reconciliation. In fact his comments are being easily panned all over the place, the only thing that the T-Wall campaign had to do was care enough about the facts.

Maybe the staff at Team Pumpkin are too busy trying to figure out how to explain their candidates' tax issues or maybe they are too tied up in trying to keep Tommy out of the race to focus on accuracy. Since they are clearly too busy to study or fact check their own talking points, maybe T-Wall should spring for a campaign tutor or someone else to do their homework for them. For now, I will do them the favor of suggesting some good reading for the subject at hand. Who knows, maybe they will post a correction later.

First T-Wall and Company may want to review the long list of times during the Bush administration when Hatch and the Republicans passed bills through reconciliation. Even a conservative has described how Hatch has tried to entirely redefine words just to fit them into his list of talking points. Yet another observer explains how Orrin Hatch must think that you are stupid, if you believe his absurd arguments. If T-Wall and Company would rather just read one item on this issue, they should take a look at E.J. Dionne's column which hits nearly every point on why Republicans current rhetoric on reconciliation is a "big lie".

For all I know, T-Wall and Company are visual learners. Just in case that is the situation, I will provide this great presentation of the facts on Orrin Hatch, health care legislation and the Republican hypocrisy on reconciliation.

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