Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bogus Report Likely Cited by Gard's Bogus Task Force

Last week we focused on the fact that the Republican Party of Wisconsin would like to eliminate our state's 4-K program. We also discussed John Gard's "task force" and how it likely is being formed to come to this same conclusion.

To accomplish their predetermined goals, you can now expect that the foes of kindergarteners will cite a new study by the Reason Foundation. The study claims (surprise, surprise) that 4-K and similar programs are unnecessary.

Thanks to an evaluation of the study done by the Great Lakes Center, we can feel quite confidant in dismissing it's conclusions. The Great Lakes analysis of the study reveals some of the following in a recent statement:

W. Stephen Barnett, Rutgers University Professor and National Institute for Early Education Research Director reviewed, "Assessing Proposals for Preschool and Kindergarten: Essential Information for Parents, Taxpayers and Policymakers." Though some of the report's findings have merit, Barnett says that overall, the report, "...misleads the reader, relying on distortions, selective citation of research and inconsistent use of standards for quality research."

Barnett agrees with the report's conclusion that a need exists for more assessment of the impact made by pre-school and kindergarten programs. He says, however, that this conclusion is at odds with the authors finding that these programs have no lasting educational effects on children. To the contrary, there is a large and convincing body of evidence which proves otherwise.
Misleading? Distortion? Selective? Why that sounds like any number of Gard initiated task forces. At least with this latest one we have a heads up as to their probable argument and rationale.

Take a look at Great Lake's complete analysis HERE in this 8 page pdf document.

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slammer said...

4k may be the biggest lie let out by the DPI. 4k does nothing to help our future citizens, it is just a way to get more money from taxpayers.

yes wisconsin does led the way as far as ACT scores and the DPI leads you believe that 4K will average a 5 point increase in scores but after me thinking if i had 4k my 25 would be a 30, i looked into the facts on the issue. Iowa and Montana finished 2nd and 3rd in average ACT scores and the funny thing about that is they have no state funded 4k programs, secondly the bottom 5 states that scored in the ACT have state funded 4k programs

Also they want you to believe crime rates will go down, or at least in our small town this was discussed, well looking at the facts juvinele crime has gone up alarmingly in the past 10 years, I thought 4K was to curb this.

Let parents be parents and kids be kids, Head Start is already starting to push for 3K. Pretty soon we will have kids ship them to camp after they are born and we will get to see them on weekends

Here is another fact for the people who immedieatly say i hate children and would assume i would rather see them rot. I am in my early 30's and have a 3 and a 1 year old so yes I would love to cut my day care bill in half but i see the facts.

I wrote a little more on the issue below