Sunday, May 07, 2006

Voter ID's Disenfranchise Yet Another Group

Listening to Republicans you would think that having a Voter ID requirement when voting would solve all of the ills that befall us. They seem to consistently tune out any contrary point involving the disenfranchisement of the poor, elderly, disabled, and others. I realize that these groups may not vote Republican in large numbers, but I would certainly hope that they would not want to see anyone impeded from exercising their rights.

Since arguments about the above segments of society have not seemed to soften the Republican heart regarding Voter ID’s, I believe that a new group that has been victimized by it might help. The new group of which I am speaking are our Veterans.

Last Tuesday the state of Indiana had primary elections. This election was their very first chance to see how their new strict Voter ID law would work. This from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

One aspect of Tuesday’s primary election troubles DeKalb County Clerk Jackie Rowan.

Her voice trembled as she described having to turn away a handful of veterans who tried to use their Veterans Administration medical cards as the required photo identification.

Rowan said the veterans became upset, refusing to cast provisional ballots, when she explained to them they could not use identification that did not have an expiration date or a stamp indicating that it never expired.

“(It was) bad,” she said. “They all accused us of not wanting them to vote.
“I feel their pain. They served in the service for us, and they worked hard and paid taxes.”

Now I know that Republicans “Support the Troops” because they have ribbons and flags all over their vehicles, but I hope that they also support the troop’s right to vote. At the very least this should really cause some reexamination of their policy. Then again reexamination is not a Republican strong suit.

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