Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mark Green Thinks that D.C. Schools are Better

Yesterday the Department of Public Instruction put out a press release stating that Wisconsin students scored above the national average in the 2005 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) science assessment. Faster than a speeding bullet, Mark Green’s campaign put out their own press release challenging DPI’s announcement. Apparently Green doesn’t feel that our kids are up to that level of achievement.

In the Mark Green release, he challenges DPI’s announcement based on a “new report” that suggests that Wisconsin is guilty of inflating it’s numbers. Wait a minute. Is the Republican candidate for governor really siding with a bunch of stuffy elite types challenging our beloved state’s honesty? Well, be that as it may, one thing that he does not tell you is that this “new report” was put out by the Hoover Institution. What is the Hoover Institution? It is a California based right wing organization with a clearly partisan agenda.

So Mark Green do you find it at all ironic that you are accusing DPI of being dishonest while at the same time you are hiding the fact that your data is provided by this right wing source? While I’m asking questions of you Mark, if you really believe this report, do you also believe that D.C. schools are really better than Wisconsin's?

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