Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No! The GOP Would Misrepresent the Facts?

The Journal Sentinel's All Politics blog revealed something today that most of us already know, the GOP are so excited to accuse Doyle that they misrepresent facts. Is anyone suprised? This from the blog:

The state Republicans issued a strongly-worded news release today headlined “Doyle loophole socks taxpayers,” aimed, of course, at Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle. The release highlights a story in today’s newspaper about the Milwaukee Area Technical College board and the budget it just endorsed that would raise property taxes 5%.

That’s all fine. The release, though, notes the “board announced they would stick taxpayers with a $132.6 million tax hike – well above the cost of inflation.”

That would be well, well above the rate of inflation, as that figure represents the entire property tax levy in the MATC budget. The increase is about $6.3 million.

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