Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So Will Wisconsin Right to Life Endorse Doyle?

Wisconsin Right to Life issued a press release stating that the numbers of abortions in Wisconsin declined in 2005. Regardless of what the extreme right thinks, the vast majority of progressives celebrate such a decline.

My only question is when will Wisconsin Right to Life endorse Jim Doyle? After all, it was on his watch that abortions have gone down. Rather than thank Doyle they somehow pat themselves on the back for this statistic.

Statistics seem to show quite a strange pattern that defies all right wing talking points. On the national level, we saw a major drop in abortions all through the years that Clinton was president. Then, ironically, when George W. Bush moved into the White House the trend reversed itself nationally. That's right. Mr. "Culture of Life" reversed the trend and we saw a steady increase in the number of abortions.

Did Wisconsin Right to Life or any of it's national counterparts endorse Clinton?Nope, they would consider that an abomination. Will they endorse Doyle? Silly question. So what's the deal? Enthusiastically endorse the guy that has the worst record while fiercly opposing the ones that help to improve the situation? It makes one wonder if rhetoric and naked ideology mean more to them than actual results.


lupus said...

Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it. That is the case with Glen Stassen. Check out the Biography of a Bad Statistic.
The abortion numbers are going down in spite of Doyle, not because of him. A quick snapshot of Doyle and Green on the abortion issue can be seen where the candidates stand on abortion.

21stPuck said...
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21stPuck said...

Did you write this with a straight face? "It makes one wonder if rhetoric and naked ideology mean more to them than actual results." . . . the irony.

That's like saying MADD should endorse a guy who drives drunk every night but happens to swerve through traffic and miraculously avoid an accident.