Friday, May 12, 2006

Tommy Says Nothing New, Gets Headlines

Everytime Tommy Thompson starts opening his mouth about a possible run for office, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reacts like a trained seal. Yet again we find another above the fold headline, "Thompson: If I Run I Win." Apparently he will tell us all on Sunday if he is actually serious about running for anything or if he just can't resist seeing his name in the headlines. I hope that he does actually announce SOMETHING substantive on Sunday so we can just be done with him. If he tells us that he will not be running for public office this year, somehow I still feel like he will still lead the media around by the nose for some time to come.

On a side note, because that is where Mark Green usually is when we are talking about Tommy, he awkwardly says the following in the story:

Green lavished praise on Thompson, saying that before he became governor in 1987, the state's economy "was in sharp decline," taxes were "too high" and the mood was one of "pessimism."

Green said, "I think Tommy Thompson rescued Wisconsin."

Taxes were too high alright, they were too high under Thompson. The taxburden on Wisconsinites has consistantly gone down since Tommy left. Also, why doesn't anyone in the media mention the fact that after the Thompson era we ended up with a massive budget problem in the state. A problem that Doyle has cut in half in his first term.

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krshorewood said...

It's funny how Tommy and Miller Park are interrelated.

The Journal pushed this stadium down our throats because they felt it would sell newspapers. Just the same with their giddiness over the prospect of Tommy running for governor.

Oh well, now they will have to go back to simple Doyle-bashing.