Saturday, May 06, 2006

Your Culture of Life is Killing Me

Most of you have already heard that the right wing led legislature voted on a high priority issue late Thursday. Killing people. Yes, there were no more important issues that they could fit in before they left town. Nothing on healthcare, nothing to protect us from gas gouging, and nothing on ethics reform. Rather than focus on real issues that affect our everyday lives, the assembly voted to put a referendum on the November ballot on bringing back the death penalty.

Now I think that even a blind man could see the real reason for this late night vote but let's not address that right now.

It never ceases to amaze me how the extremists that claim to be "pro-life" are often the same people that just can't wait to kill someone. Whether it be the death penalty or a pre-emptive unnessary war, they will work overtime to make it legal.

I have to respect the Catholic Church for their official stands on the "sanctity of human life." Athough I may disagree with them on several issues, they at least appear to be consistent on this one. The Wisconsin Catholic Conference put out a press release stating just how disappointed they were with this step BACKWARD (about 150 years backward). In addition the Catholic Church never has the itchy trigger finger when it comes to war, that seems to plague their protestant evangelical brethren.

I have an idea for someone that describes themselves as "pro-life". How about focusing a little on those without good healthcare? The Institute of Medicine determined in a study that approximately 18,000 Americans DIE because they have insufficient healthcare or lack it all together. According to a bipartisan group of legislators that have proposed the "Wisconsin Health Plan", nearly 500,000 Wisconsinites lack health insurance. Call yourself pro-life? How about taking an honest look at this bipartisan plan?

How pro-life is the Iraq war? Over 2,400 of our own military personnel have died, not to mention those that died after returning home. What about the lives of the Iraqi people? Does the sanctity of life not extend to them? I have heard estimates ranging from over 34,000-100,000 in Iraqi deaths. Let me take a second and ask the pro-lifers, what was the reason for all for all of these deaths? If you can't answer that in a sensible sentence or less then it was not worth it.

Amidst all of this, you now want the people of Wisconsin to officially sanction killing?

May I be frank with you? Your "culture of life" is killing me.

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