Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Continuous Double Standards of Rick Graber

Yesterday the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign announced that Governor Doyle had received $10,000 in 2004 from members of an out of state law firm. It turns out that a number of years AFTER Doyle received the donation, some of the people in the firm have been indicted. As Xoff pointed out yesterday, what exactly did this group want Doyle to do, see into the future?

This announcement was made yesterday at approximately 1:50pm (by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). At by 5:24pm, that same day, the Journal Sentinel reported that Doyle would be giving back the money. That is less than 4 hours isn't it? Yet that did not stop Republican Party of Wisconsin's Rick Graber from making more frivolous allegations. In today's paper, Graber is quoted as saying the following:

Rick Graber, chairman of the state Republican Party, said the contributions are just another example of the influence of big money on the Doyle administration.

"It seems as though every week there is a new, questionable donation that makes its way into Doyle's coffers," he said.

So precisely what is your problem Rick? That these lawyers gave to a campaign and were indicted at a later time? I seem to recall your candidate for governor, Mark Green, taking some $30,000 (yeah, that's three times the donation to Doyle) from indicted former Congressman Tom Delay. I also remember the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel detailing a few more donations to Green coming from people that were either under investigation or indictment. So what about those contributions Rick?

If you really want to go there, as I stated above, once Doyle found out about the indictments it took him less than four hours to send back the donations. How long has it been since Tom Delay was indicted? Nine months? And Mark Green STILL has not gotten rid of the money? Wow, that's a long time to hold on to tainted cash. Any comments on that Rick?

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