Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ryan Blows $70 Billion Then Complains about Spending

Congressman Paul Ryan made what I consider an outrageous statement at yesterday's luncheon. He reportedly said that "Congress has a problem with spending too much."

Now isn't that rich? Coming from a guy that just voted to spend $70 Billion in tax cuts that mostly go to the wealthiest of investors. This guy is now trying to portray himself as a penny pincher?

It was just last year when Ryan stood on the House floor with his magic chart and tried to explain why we needed to cut programs for the poor and middle class by as much as $40-50 Billion. Then he votes to spend $70 Billion for the rich? Not only canceling out any savings made by the Draconian cuts, but spending $20-30 billion MORE than before the cuts were even made.

I realize that Ryan tries to explain away his actions by saying that the extra tax cuts for the rich are bringing more revenue and that it is helping grow the economy. One question for you Paul Ryan. If the supposed revenue that the tax cuts have brought in is not greater than the amount that you spent on them, then how is that a good thing? How is that worth the sacrifice paid by those whose programs you cut?

No, Paul Ryan doesn't mind out of control spending as long as the recipients are his pals- the rich and powerful.

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666 said...

Hey, I did a post on the blog site I participate in that makes fun of the upcoming Badger Blog Alliance Bash. Chris, one of the organizer got really mad at us for making fun of his bi-partisan party. He was picking on progressives and said the post wasn't fun.

Could you take a look and let us know what you think? I looks to me that the BBA leadership is pretty much controlled by bloggers who love those Bloggers For Green links.

For a stay-at-home, conservative blogger, that Chris is real sensitive.