Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Award for Most Extreme Congressperson Goes To...

Mark Green!
The National Journal rates lawmakers in D.C. each year based on the previous year’s votes. They give each legislator a score according to how conservative/liberal they are compared to their colleagues. The most conservative (read extreme) from Wisconsin is the likely GOP choice for governor, Mark Green.

Yes, Green is more right wing than even Paul Ryan and F. Jim Sensenbrenner! In a state that has a proud progressive past, and a current reputation of moderation, the GOP chooses the most extreme conservative as its candidate for Governor? In what has become a very moderate state, is this really a good decision?

The most moderate Republican from Wisconsin is Congressman Tom Petri. Perhaps the GOP should put him up as a candidate for governor.

I can already hear the righties say, “but Tammy Baldwin is more liberal than Green is conservative.” Yes, it is true that the National Journal ranked Baldwin as being pretty liberal (which I would take as a compliment) but she represents the Madison area. She is not running to govern the entire state.

If Republican voters choose Green to run against Doyle, they will only confirm my longtime assertion. The Republican Party in Wisconsin is way more extreme than the average Wisconsinite. And now we know that Mark Green is as well.

Click HERE if you’d like to take a look at the rankings for those in the Wisconsin Delegation (you may have to scroll down to view the ratings).

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msnK said...

I didn't read the questionnaire, but do they ask about being truthful? Is lying a conservative virtue?