Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Scott Walker, The New 007?

Over the weekend I happened to see Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker on a local TV News Show. I was not able to watch for very long but I believe that it was Charlie Sykes’ Sunday TV Show. It sounded like Walker was trying to explain some of the reasons that he quit his run for governor. I found one of his statements to be very interesting.

Walker basically said that if he won the Republican primary that Governor Doyle would have used an “anti-Milwaukee” strategy in other parts of the state.

Well, I have a few questions about that:

How do you know the Doyle strategy Scott? Did you conduct a little undercover operation at Doyle Campaign headquarters? Who are you 007?

Wasn’t it YOU that put out press releases distancing yourself from Milwaukee? You remember the one where you pretended to be a small town farm boy don’t you?

Wasn’t it Republican Governor Tommy Thompson that famously told out state voters to “stick it to Milwaukee”?

Would it have been “anti-Milwaukee” to tell voters about the terrible financial shape of the county under your leadership? That may be an anti-Walker message, but that is not the same as anti-Milwaukee.

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