Thursday, March 02, 2006

On a Personal Note to Regular Visitors…

Most regular readers and podcast listeners may have noticed that I have not been as active lately. For those that have not noticed I have not done a podcast in three weeks and have not posted as much as usual. At the expense of exposing myself to people that disagree with me politically, I feel like I owe regular visitors some explanation.

They say that working Americans are only one or two problems away from total economic disaster. I, unfortunately, have recently learned that this idea is merited. After six years I suffered an unexpected and unprecedented slow down in work. Then I had an elderly relative that I was caring for in my household have a major health related problem which had a financial impact on my entire household. All of this topped off with me being the victim of a hit and run car accident. Thank God I have complete insurance coverage, but I still had to fork over the (for me) large deductible. Combine all of this with much higher energy bills, gasoline, and health care premiums. And you've now got the recipe for disaster.

These events all happened in rapid fire succession and really put me behind in every aspect. The workers and working poor out there know that once you fall behind, it is so very hard to catch back up. You have to pay the old stuff, the new stuff, and worry about the still unexpected. When I realized how bad the situation was becoming, I started an extra service to make extra money. When I realized that this was helping but not quite enough, I took on more work from another source. So I am now virtually working three different jobs and barely making it. This situation is demanding a lot of time and energy.

Obviously, this has cut into my ability to do what I enjoy. This will not stop me, but it has slowed me down recently. I apologize to regular readers, but I'm sure you understand.

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