Friday, March 17, 2006

The RepubliCard, Spend Like There's No Tomorrow!

So what do regular folks do when they don't have enough money and all of their credit cards are maxed out? They most likely don't spend anymore right? Well, the Republicans that run our federal government are not "regular folks." Their solution is to just keep increasing the "credit limit" and just keep on spending.

Yesterday the Republican controlled Congress voted to increase the spending limit to $9 trillion. Wow, what a deal! I'm sure that there are many people with real needs in the real world, that would love to have that ability.

When Bush came into office it was said that he would run the goverment like a corporation. Given that he and his GOP pals have spent like drunkin sailors and he has failed to veto one spending bill, I'd say the "corporation" is starting to resemble Enron.

Wisconsin's two Senators voted against the measure. In the House, Mark Green and Paul Ryan voted to keep spending. To their credit, F. Jim and Congressman Petri voted against it along with Democrats Tammy Baldwin and Gwen Moore.

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