Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Everybody Sing Along: "Old McWalker had a Farm..."

Milwaukee County Executive and GOP candidate for Governor Scott Walker is having an extreme makeover. I thought that he was the government head of the largest county in the state. You wouldn't know it based on a recent Walker post on his blog.

Since Walker lags behind everyone in both the polls and the raising of money, he is trying to distinguish himself. The recent post addresses the ethanol subject. Walker states in the post that he is the only candidate for governor that opposes an ethanol mandate. For me that is not the interesting part of this post. The interesting thing is how he tries to qualify his comments.

I grew up in a small town in Walworth County. My mother was born and raised on a farm. I was honored to get awards from the Wisconsin Farm Bureau as a member of the State Legislature.
Oh, that settles it! Walker used to live in a small town and his mother was born on a farm, so that must mean that anything that he says about ethanol is true. Right? I went to college in North Dakota where there is almost nothing but farms, so I guess I should be the final authority on farming.

The second thing that interests me about this Walker post, is how he seems to be continually distancing himself from Milwaukee lately. Perhaps he is starting to realize that most GOP voters in the state have that famous "stick it to Milwaukee" attitude? So now he is trying to pose as a small town boy fresh off the farm? If things get any worse in the Walker campaign I think he may actually resort to more extreme measures. Perhaps he'll be clad in coveralls, straw hat, with a blade of grass in his mouth at his next press conference. Look out Old McDonald, we've got a new "farmer" in town.

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