Monday, March 13, 2006

Republican Selective Justice at Work

Scott Jenson has now been convicted of 3 felonies and a misdemeanor, he will now await sentencing. It appears that Republicans are content in tearing down our system of justice rather than to just admit that their pal did wrong. When the two Democrats plead guilty, I don’t recall folks on the left rushing to condemn the system. I don’t remember them claiming selective prosecution or somehow reasoning away the crimes committed. I certainly know that I did not engage in that kind of excuse making. With Republicans it is simply attack the judge, jury (citizens that gave up their lives for a couple weeks), and the system. Why? Because they didn't like the verdict against their fellow Republican.

The next thing to watch for is Jensen’s sentencing. Jensen did not plead but rather went through an entire trial. Usually this will mean a stiffer sentence than if he would have just taken a deal. Sometimes this does not seem fair but that is how things often work. This will all be lost on the Jensen faithful as their next wave of ranting will be about the sentence being too hard. Does anyone remember how they complained after the resolution of the “tire slashing” trial? The plea deal in that trial was not tough enough according to them. So apparently guilt and innocence depends on your party affiliation, as does the sentence given after a guilty verdict.


Interloper said...

I wonder if Rep. Scott Suder will issue a press release against convicted felons in the legislature similar to the ones he releases about felons in the UW System.

After all, the percentage of felons in the Legislature is higher than the percentage in the UW System:

Wisconsin State Assembly: 1.0% (1 out of 99 legislators)

UW System: 0.0975% (40 out of 41,000+ employees)

warren-buffet said...

Jensen will get stiffer sentence, but it is unlikely that he'll get more than 2 years since he is one of the couple of "sacrificial lambs" being offered up by the political elite - in place of 50% or more of the legislature and even (the Governor and Milw. County Executive) some of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices (and we didn't even get into the Federal Politicians who used the State Caucuses Lists).

How would the public react if only those convicted of other non-violent forms of law-breaking, (such as drug dealers, tax evaders, insider trading, etc) could get those same Lighter sentences like Jensen will likely get and Chavla already got?

Hey, if Ben Masel (of Wisconsin's Weedstock) gets busted with 18 punds of Marijuana I'd think he'd take the the "Chavala Defense" which means to please guilty and do less that 1 year easy time.

Corpeswithoutagrave said...

What I don't understand is why are we so determined to commit social suicide for the 4.1 million convicted felons, yet we continue to say we are of moral and christian faith. Why do we allow the insurance companies and big business to run our lives on a daily basis. THis Republican and Democrate issue demonstrates the American way - hide our felons for they are a discrace to society - lets put them all in our prisons and not let them earn an honest day of living - for we will support them as long as they are all in prison. Better yet, put them on an island without any means of survival. Oh wait! We have that island here in the US. Well, problem solved. This the american dream, the american way.