Friday, March 03, 2006

Team Reynolds Chickens Out of Fight With Leah

Yesterday we learned that State Rep. Leah Vukmir warned her State Senator Tom Reynolds (R-Looney Bin) that if he voted against the school choice compromise, she would run against him in a primary. As we know, the response from Bob Dohnal of team Reynolds was full of name calling and tough talk. He talked about how running would be the “dumbest thing you could do” and how Sen. Ted Kanavas’ friends were “slippery.” He encouraged Vukmir to bring on her money people and they would “bury them” and he was apparently claiming that Rick Graber (Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin) was corrupt. Wow, these guys must really be manly men right?

Well, not so much. That email exchange happened on Friday, so not even a week later and Tom Reynolds has voted for the school choice compromise, which has now passed. Now didn’t I tell you that these extreme right wing guys have this overcompensating false bravado thing? I think voting for this compromise was the right thing to do, but doesn’t Reynolds flip flop on this issue show his true insecurity? He must know that a challenge from a moderate would likely end his time in the State Senate. This must be why these tough talkin’ dudes backed down to Ms. Vukmir.

I really believe that Reynolds seat is ripe for the picking for a moderate Democrat. I believe that a candidate like Leah Vukmir would be more difficult for a Dem than oddball Tom Reynolds. From a partisan point of view it is probably a good thing that Reynolds chickened out. From an entertainment point of view, I would have enjoyed the fight.

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