Friday, March 31, 2006

Wisconsin Republicans Fail Another Test

The NAACP has announced grades that it has given to members of the 109th Congress based on votes in the first session. There were 20 votes that were important to the NAACP and the grades were given depending on how each member voted on those issues.

A few of the issues are as follows: The reckless cuts in the budget bill, increasing funds for medical and educational programs, increasing home heating assistance, opposing the appointment of several right wing activist judges, preserve block grant programs, and more.

In this report, the NAACP mentions 14 Senators and 18 Representatives that have particularity distinguished themselves when it comes the their important issues. Our very own Russ Fiengold was listed as being one of the honorees.

Here are the grades that Wisconsin's delegation to Congress received:

  • Senator Herb Kohl-B (85%)
  • Senator Russ Feingold-A (95%)
  • F. Jim Sensenbrenner-F (22%)
  • Paul Ryan-F (26%)
  • Mark Green-F (30%)
  • Petri-F (30%)
  • Ron Kind-C (74%)
  • Dave Obey-B (83%)
  • Gwen Moore-A (96%)
  • Tammy Baldwin-A (100%)

Anyone notice anything rather consistent here? Not only did all of the Wisconsin Dems score better than the Republicans, but the GOP part of our delegation all failed the NAACP test.

Now I know that Mark Green in particular has a few rich African American supporters, since he promised to create a Wisconsin office of faith based initiatives. That should be taken with a grain of salt as those same people and their churches stand to gain some green. But when it comes to the most important issues for the African American community, Green and his Republican pack fail miserably.

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grumps said...

Just so we're all clear the NAACP's agenda focuses on issues of interest to all in Wisconsin.

Bankruptcy overhaul, minimum wages, cuts in Medicaid, Education, CDBG, Community Oriented Policing, and the immunity from lawsuits for gunmakers were all a part of the report card.

Please don't turn your back on this story just because you are not a person of color. These are the people who act in your name. If you are affected by any of these issues you need to know how those who claim to act for you have voted.

Go read the whole story.