Friday, March 03, 2006

Is Tim Michels on a Secret Undercover Mission?

First Disclaimer #1: I occasionally like to check on who is visiting my blog. It is flattering to know that anyone cares what I think about a given issue, it is even more flattering to see some of the important folks that visit. I obviously would not normally out anyone that visits my blog, but this is an exception.

Now Disclaimer #2: I am not an expert in the field of internet technology, so perhaps there is a logical explanation for this, please let me know if that is the case.

I have noticed a long-time visitor coming from a domain name ( There is nothing strange about that is there? I’m sure Tim Michels, former GOP candidate for the US Senate, has a lot of employees that love Eye on Wisconsin. Heck, I'm pretty sure that Tim is a secret fan. The strange part is when you look at the IP address. After it lists the IP address it names the “Journal Sentinal” in parenthesis. I have a few questions here. 1. If this is a Journal Sentinel computer why the Michel’s domain name? 2. Also if it is a Journal Sentinel computer then why don’t they know how to spell their own name? 3. If it is a Michels computer, then why did someone enter “Journal Sentinal” with the IP address? 4. Is Tim Michel’s or someone at his company on some big undercover mission at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?

Here take a look at it for a second. Maybe there is a simple explanation.

Domain Name: ? (Commercial)
IP Address: 207.170.16.# (Journal-Sentinal)

Perhaps if there was a super secret GOP undercover mission underway, it might be over at this point. The reason I say this is because now I am getting visits from what appears to be the same IP address, but now the “Journal Sentinal” is replaced with “Michel’s Pipeline Construction.” Take a look at that one.

Domain Name: ? (Commercial)
IP Address: 207.170.16.# (Michels Pipeline Construction)

Again, if someone more technologically advanced can give a simple explanation for this, please do it! In the mean time, I’d advise the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to debug their building. There may be a spy among you!

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Max Power said...

Not sure if this will work...

Go here:

There are a lot of choices. Cut and paste the IP Address into the following two lookups... which should give you the most info:

"NEW! IP Information" (2nd column, 5 down); and
"Domain Info" (1st column, 5 down)

I just pulled that out of nowhere using Google... but running an IP search under those two searches seems to give you a lot of information.