Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Profiles in Courage and Cowardice

Once again Russ Feingold is taking the lead in a party all too crowded with cowards and overly calculating politicians. By now, you all know that our very own Senator Russ Feingold has introduced a resolution in the US Senate to censure the President. He has introduced the resolution as a response to the Bush approved domestic spying (without warrants).

The case against Bush is open and shut. The law requires a warrant for domestic spying, Bush didn’t get it, but still conducted the surveillance. That is inconsistent with the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Law. That means that he broke the law.

I remember that during the Clinton Administration, Republicans repeated the phrase, “no one is above the law.” This was their rallying cry against Clinton. Now they are all deaf and dumb regarding THEIR lawbreaking President. Apparently it’s not breaking the law, if it is their guy doing it. Can we count inconsistency as one of their beloved “family values”?

However, let’s forget about the neo-con zombie brigade for a moment. What the hell is wrong with the Dems? What is it about Bush that scares them when the most recent poll has him at a 36% approval rating? He broke the law; he only has support from the extremists, hold him accountable!

Who do the Republicans trot out to defend Bush? Dick “19% Approval” Chaney? To chastise a Senator that most Wisconsinites not only support but support to run for President? Your robotic comments justifying the lawbreaker in chief might convince the 19% at the Gard fundraiser. But, I seriously doubt that this will convince the average Wisconsinite or American.

The average people out there clearly have a problem with Bush and the war in Iraq. People are looking for politicians that spin less and take stands more. They are looking for leaders that are genuine and honest regardless of the political outcome. They are looking for leaders that demonstrate courage rather than mere political calculation. It looks like Americans might now realize what Wisconsinites already know, Russ Feingold has all of the traits that they are looking for in a politician. The longer it takes for the Democratic Party to follow Feingold's lead, the longer it will take for them to accomplish the things for which they claim to stand.

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