Friday, April 21, 2006

Debunking GOP Conspiracy Theories

Republicans in Wisconsin have been putting out press releases promoting conspiracy theories regarding the state contract process under Governor Doyle. When Gorgia Thompson was indicted, the tin foil hats were really in full effect on the right. Wisely Governor Doyle requested that an independent evaluation be done of the state's contract process. Even better, Doyle asked former Tommy Thompson administration secretary, Mark Bugher to conduct the evaluation.

What was the result of this independent evaluation? Vast corruption? Pay-for-Play activities?
A complicated web of conspiracy? No, no, and nope. The Journal Sentinel headline sums it up nicely: "State Contracting Called Sound".

Does this mean that Republicans will finally stop with the innuendo and false accusations? Does it mean that they will stop with the elaborate conspiracy theories? Will they finally focus with their own culture of corruption in D.C.? I can't answer for them, but I'd say no, no, and nope.

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