Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Desperation of Paul Bucher

The recent poll released by St. Norbert's and Wisconsin Public Radio has caused an avalanche of press releases. The one that is most peculiar to me is the one from Waukesha County DA and candidate for Attorney General Paul Bucher.

He proclaims a 3-1 margin over his primary opponent J.B. Van Hollen in his press release. There may be a reason that he does not actually cite the actual statistic because it is rather embarrassing. The poll has Bucher leading Van Hollen with a pathetic 15%-6% (with 40% undecided). My first question is why Undecided's campaign is the only one to not to spin out a press release today.

Paul Bucher must really really really desperately want to move to higher office. Why else would he crow about a tiny little lead such as this one? Furthermore, his small small lead is within the margin of error. Why waste the paper and effort to issue such a misleading press release? Desperation perhaps?

The other sad news for Bucher is that he gets whipped by both of the Democrats running for AG. It really almost makes you feel sorry for Paul, poor fella.

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