Thursday, April 27, 2006

Van Hollen Tries a Bush Maneuver

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Republican Candidate for Attorney General, J.B. Van Hollen claims that we have terrorists in our state. And of course he is the only one to save us, no doubt. It looks like Van Hollen is using the ever famous Bush maneuver, scare the daylights out of all of these false bravado Republicans. That tactic worked on the national level but I really have doubts that it will work in the Dairy State. Today's story quotes Van Hollen saying the following:

"We have in Wisconsin terrorists who are training and raising funds," Van Hollen said. "We don't need to be paranoid, but we need to be vigilant."

After making these shocking comments the story says that Van Hollen refused to give any details about the alleged terrorist activities citing confidentiality.

OK, I have a question here. If he really did have information about terrorists plotting in our backyards then why would he say anything at all? Wouldn't that help tip off the alleged terrorists that the feds are on to them?

I can only come to one of three possible conclusions here: A. Van Hollen is over hyping something that he saw in his former job and attempting to use it for political gain. B. Van Hollen is totally making this up for political gain. or the least likely C. Van Hollen is correct and he just blew the feds cover for political gain. No matter which of the three is correct, Van Hollen is not fit do be dog catcher much less Attorney General.

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Ed said...

I think VanHollen owes the public a disclosure of his "sources and methods" by which he determined that we're in such grave danger....

Hollering BULL !!!