Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Extreme Green's Poll Numbers are Inflated

According to a new poll Doyle leads Green in the race for governor 43% to 35%. The poll was conducted by St. Norbert's and Wisconsin Public Radio.

It seems that Mark Green is not well known throughout the state at this time. He may be getting some support simply based on the fact that he is "the other guy". I believe that this is artificially inflating his numbers. I have to wonder how they might change when voters start looking at Green's record. Just off the top of my head:

  • Almost entirely rubberstamp voting to support a president who has become hugely unpopular.
  • Starting a pro-Iraq war caucus while most Wisconsinites/Americans are now seeing the folly of the war.
  • Green is a Congressman in a GOP ruled Congress that posts a pathetic 30% approval rate.
  • Runaway spending in Congress during his tenure.
  • Taxcuts for the super rich while cutting programs for regular folks, and still record deficits.
  • Ties to indicted Rep. Tom Delay and convicted super lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
  • Voting for the Medicare boondoggle that almost ended superior Wisconsin programs and has proven to be a problem for seniors.
  • He has aligned himself with the most extreme elements of his party regarding stem cell research.

Let's hope that Doyle and the Dem's can give the public a steady diet of the Extreme Green record of failure. The GOP will be spinning their pants off, but I believe that the truth of his record can overcome the talking points.

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