Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I had a busy week last week and totally missed the fact that Scott Walker and others on the right were possibly offended by my poking fun at him. When Walker backed out of the race for Governor he chose to make the statement that he felt that God wanted him to get in the race and then he stated that God now wanted him to get out of the race. The right wingers have never been shy about goofing on liberals or dems, so I thought I’d have a little fun also. Let’s face it, Walker’s comments were begging for some commentary.

First let me address a post from Boots and Sabers on the issue.

Actually, I got a chuckle out of the Left’s reaction. It was a flagrant display of their ignorance of faith and how it works in some people’s lives. This ignorance is why the majority of people of faith - especially evangelical Christians and regular church goers - don’t vote for Democrats.
Oh, Owen! I’m so glad I made you laugh! That was my intention in the first place. As to your point about this being a “flagrant display of their ignorance of faith and how it works in some people’s lives.” Well, your comments show a “flagrant display of your ignorance” of my background and training. My degree is in ministerial/biblical studies. I earned it from a college run by one of the most fundamentalist denominations out there. I was even a licensed minister for a short time in that denomination before I turned in my credentials. Obviously my thinking evolved as I began to actually think for myself. I soon realized, in my own personal opinion, that these people were more akin to the pharsees than to Christ.

Again, I was only poking fun at Walker and perhaps he is just a little too sensitive right now. I don’t have a problem with his personal beliefs. I would just like to see him take his conversations with God to his “prayer closet” (as scripture tells us) rather than making it a public spectacle. God forbid someone would accuse him of pandering to the religious right or something.

Charlie Sykes also posted Walker’s comments on his blog. He entitled it, “The Left’s God Problem.” This is ironic that Sykes would be critical of someone in this area. Although I commend Sykes for taking on Ralph Ovadahl/TomReynolds in recent posts, could someone not criticize you for doing the same thing for which you are trying to indict “the Left”? I don’t feel that you have a “God Problem” just because you are critical of people that have shall we say “unorthodox” (to be polite) views.

The bottom line is that I have much personal experience with the brand of Christianity to which Walker is a part. I also have close personal friends and family members that likely share many of his views. We disagree often on a great many topics. The difference? They are not an elected official, using their notoriety to promote their personal religious beliefs. I do not regret my post, although I am sorry that those tough talking guys on the right are so darn sensitive.

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